New Catalogue 2021


Our goal has been to offer the most complete and quality assortment to all fishermen. Our products are aimed at all fishermen, whatever their specialty and their level is.
For more than two decades in Competition Fishing, our Spanish and World Champion teams have helped us to develop specific product ranges, where technology and experience have allowed us to reach so many successes.
Grauvell wants to pay tribute to all the people who have helped us looking for excellence in Sport Fishing and have made our company one of the most admired and with great international projection.
Our 3 mainstays in Grauvell are the Fisherman, the Environment and our Products. Articles designed by and for fishermen constantly remind us that the person and their needs are always our priority. As we emphasize in our logo, preserving nature is the best investment and legacy we can offer to future generations.
Finally, our products want to be accomplices of the greatest emotions between you and an environment that we must respect, enhance and preserve. Goes Here

Based on emotions

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